About Us

At Btac you can have a complete product developed and produced from A to Z. For startup companies we are the ideal company to advise you on making a product producible.

Own development is at the forefront at Btac. The products we produce have an important function in everyday life, everyone comes across them while at work or visiting a public place.

We supply our products to various relations in the Netherlands and abroad. We have customers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and France. All these customers market our products in leading projects.

Examples of this are: the National Museum in Denmark, the “Mall of the Emirates” in Dubai (the second largest shopping mall in the Emirates), hotels and office buildings in the Middle East.

Production facilities

Btac currently has:

  • Two separate SMT robot lines for the placement of SMD components with a capacity of 8 million SMD placements per month, in addition, there is a reflow oven with 15 zones.
  • Pillarhouse in-line Pot solder with 4 separate solder heads.
  • Denso kit robot for placing packings.
  • End test facilities for external production such as cameras, security systems and fiber optic network components.

All disciplines have a certain synergy with each other. They are all long-term cooperation projects.

Btac Solutions is a UL and EN54 certified company and must meet the highest requirements. This is carried out with a motivated team in IJmuiden.

We are a company where employees and sustainability are our highest priority.

Btac Solutions has been nominated for “The IJmond Sustainable Award 2021”. The ceremony is on February 11, 2021.